Student of Prayer

Student of Prayer

We must be a student of prayer. We must pray that we will always let God get the glory out of our lives. We must not hold things over people’s heads.

We must pray to be Christ-like:

Forgiving (do not hold grudges)

Gentle (show gentleness to others)

Kind (show kindness to others)

Childlike spirit (maintain our enthusiasm)

Benevolent (be generous to others)

Humility (minimize arrogance)

Patient, perseverance (show patience to others)

Joy (enjoy and be thankful for His creations)

Love (in spite of and not because of)

Meekness (not be pushy)

Teacher (share our insights)

Compassionate (feel others pain)

Helpful (assist others)

Faithful (maintain our faith)

Harmless (not hurt anyone or anything)

Be a Good Example (your actions should reflect Christ. Do the right thing)

Avoid Anger (try to maintain calmness)

Don’t Swear, Malign (don’t verbally hurt others)

Merciful (show mercy, be empathetic towards others)

How is your walk in prayer?

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